I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that I am just getting started on the book report. I have decided to read “the end of poverty”. After losing a pretty solid job, I have been bounced around and struggled to make a decent wage. Although, us bottom dwellers may think we have it bad, I just feel like we are lucky to not have to struggle for clean water, and other basic necessities. I think our definition of “poor” may be completely different then others.


I was a big believer in the new Health care system. Before I was able to get coverage through my employer, I was happy to be able to have health insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Although, my tax return for the year definitely did struggle, the fact that I knew a injury wouldn’t put me in financial hell. I was able to sleep at night. I think that everyone should be able to see a doctor if needed.


I was curious as to why the African population migrated toward the south at such a high rate. In section four it seemed as if the northern part of the country had the high population rate. Was suprised to read about the slave trade in the country, was always under the impression that it was mostly Europeans who iniated the slave trade, not as much as intercountry trading.